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Rate standards-conference venues

Venue name Rate standards
Half-day (4 hours) Morning and afternoon (8 hours) Day and night (12 hours)
Huaisheng hall 10,000NTD 18,000NTD 24,000NTD
Tienhsiang hall 5,000NTD 8,000NTD 10,000NTD
Social hall 5,000NTD 8,000NTD 10,000NTD
Classroom 1 3,000NTD 4,000NTD 5,000NTD
Classroom 2 and 3 3,000NTD 3,500NTD 4,500NTD
Yangming village conference room 3,000NTD 3,500NTD 4,500NTD

Rate standards - educational training

Venue name Rate standards
Exploratory facilities $2000NTD/event; cost for half-day (four hours) is based on a maximum of three events.
Barbeque pavilion Own food and ingredients: 800NTD/pavilion; center prepared food and ingredients: 300NTD/pavilion
Campsites Own tent: 600NTD/tent
rented tent: 800NTD/tent
50NTD/sleeping bag
Seahorse meeting area Half-day (4 hours): 5000NTD
full day (8 hours): 6000 NTD
day and nigh (12 hours): 7500NTD
Large campfire site $3000NTD/site
● Campfure material cost:
One hour hampfire, one can of kerosene: 1200NTD
Two hour hampfire, one can of kerosene: 2000NTD
Small campfire site $2500NTD/site
Tienhsiang campfire site $2000NTD/site
Paintball target shooting/td> Paintball game: 520NTD/person; target shooting: 100NTD/person.

Rate standards - hot spring

Venue name Rate standards
Hot spring Weekdays: 250NTD/entry
Weekends: 300NTDentry
● Lodging includes ticket to hot spring
● Open from:
Tuesday to Sunday from 08:00-22:00. Closed on Mondays
Private hot spring hut Weekdays: 500NTD/70 minutes.
Weekends: 600NTD/70 minutes.
● Open from:
Tuesday to Sunday from 08:00-19:00. Closed on Mondays