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Juming Museum

Situated in the north coast mountains on the Jinshan Township of Taipei County, the museum is one with nature, like a elegant park. Juming’s most famous work are the man’s world and tai-chi series, which includes wooden, copper and steel sculptures. The wooden sculptures are exhibited indoors in the main area, while the others are spread across thirteen different areas depending on landscape and terrain, including swan pond, art promenade, water area, art performance area, Juming studio and Jujian building.

Lion’s head mountain park

Approximately 300m into the sea, opposite Lion’s head mountain, two giant rocks rises and stands over 30m above the water. From afar, these two straight rocks looks like a candelabrum, and is thus known as the candlelabrum islets. It is considered one of the eight outer sceneries of Tambei by the old Tamsui prefecture, and is a well known destination throughout Taiwan.

Jinshan old street

One of the few old streets remaining in Taiwan. Like the Sanshia old street, it has survived earthquakes and burning by the Japanese military. It is now a gathering place for farmers to sell local specialties (taro, blade bamboo shoots, sweet potatoes, yams, mountain vegetables). The old building and Jinshan duck are well know far and wide, drawing a lot of visitors on weekends and during holidays.

Fagu Mountain

Surrounded by other mountain by three sides, encircled by two rivers, the mountain directly faces Green Bay. It is a beautiful area filled with birds and flowers.

Ocean World

For more details, go to the official website: click here.

Featured tour routes

【1 day routes】

Depart → Juming Museum → Lunch at Chinshan center (BBQ or chinese cuisine) → Chinshan hot spring spa → return.

【2 days routes】

Day 1:
Depart→ Yangming Mountain National Park → lunch at Chinshan center → Juming Museum → Chinshan center (dinner, hot spring, lodging).
Day 2:
Chinshan center (breakfast) → Lion’s head partk → Jinshan old street lunch → return.